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Pack Beirão com Honra

Beirão with Honour


This pack includes 1 bottle of Liqueur Beirão 70cl and 1 miniature of Beirão d'Honra 5cl.

Licor Beirão

Licor Beirão is a spirit of infinite possibilities. It can be enjoyed simply as a digestive or in a cocktail format. It must be fresh at all times!

Beirão d'Honra
Beirão d'Honra , which was born as a tribute to J. Carranca Redondo, and with the intention of being a limited edition, is a recipe enriched with aged wine brandy. The recipe is unique, the flavour is involving and is ideal for unique and memorable moments: word of honour. As for consumption, unlike Licor Beirão, Beirão d'Honra  should preferably be made in a balloon glass and in pure state - without ice.

Ingredients Licor Beirão: water, alcohol, sugar, distillate of plants and aromatic seeds, caramel. Capacidade: 70cl. Volume: 22%.

Ingredients Beirão d'Honra: water, alcohol, aged grape spirit, sugar, plant distillate and aromatic seeds. Capacity: 5cl. Volume: 30%.

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