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Garrafa Licor Beirão 70CL

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Licor de Portugal is always the topic of conversation at a table of friends. As a digestive with ice or in cocktail version, it is an obligatory presence in all happy moments: in those that are to celebrate and in those that are genuine and spontaneous. We call it the drink of happy moments and recognize its unique flavor, achieved through the double distillation of plants and aromatic seeds.

Licor Beirão Ingredients: água, álcool, açúcar, destilado de plantas e sementes aromáticas, caramelo.

Capacidade: 70cl.

Volume: 22%


Adiciona 12 garrafas de Licor Beirão 70cl e ganha um balde de gelo.


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Garrafa Licor Beirão 70CL
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