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Estojo Individual Rígido c/ Íman



This pack includes 1 bottle of Licor Beirão 70cl and the offer of 1 rigid case with magnet closure.

This pack brings Beirão and beyond. The case that brings the bottle of Portugall’s Liquer is a collectible gift! Rigid and with magnet closure, it's perfect to collect the bottle of Beirão, after used... and spread it in style, wherever you are. 😃

Licor Beirão is always the reason for conversation at a table of friends. As a digestive with ice or in a cocktail version, it is a must at all happy moments. We call it the drink of happy moments and recognise its unique flavour, achieved through the double distillation of plants and aromatic seeds. 

Licor Beirão Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, distillate of plants and aromatic seeds, caramel. Capacity: 70cl. Volume: 22%.

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