PopBeirão para Telemóvel


Don't drop your phone. Use PopBeirão and hold it in your hand!

How much does it cost to replace the screen of your cell phone? Many Beirões! We present you PopBeirão, a useful support for your cell phone. It easily accesses all areas of your smartphone's screen without running the risk of dropping it. Just pull the accordion out of your PopBeirão and hold it in your hand or put it down on the table. It's so handy! It's funny that you think you don't need an accessory like this, but... once you use it, you won't want anything else! Pick one of the various phrases we have for you and get ready for questions like "what's that? I want one too!"

How to install: Remove the protective film from the PopBeirão sticker. Stick the PopBeirão to the back of your cell phone. Spread some style with our humorous phrases!

Diâmetro: 40mm.
As imagens são sugestões de apresentação. 
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